Performance Benefits

Biodiesel also enjoys certain performance advantages compared to conventional petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel provides superior fuel lubricity, even at very low blend levels. Sufficient fuel lubricity is necessary to reduce equipment wear and premature breakdown. Bench scale testing has shown that 1% biodiesel can improve the lubricity of diesel fuel by 65%, and it improves further as more biodiesel is added, although exact results will vary depending on the base diesel fuel stock.

Higher Flash Point. The flash point of a fuel is defined as the lowest temperature at which the vapor above a combustible liquid can be ignited in air. Biodiesel’s flash point is over 127 degrees Celsius, well above petroleum-based diesel fuel’s flash point of about 52 degrees Celsius. Testing has shown that the flash point of biodiesel blends increases as the percentage of the biodiesel increases. Therefore, biodiesel and biodiesel blends are safer to store, handle, and use than petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Pure biodiesel, B100, has high natural cetane, similar BTU content and provides similar fuel economy compared to petroleum-based diesel fuel.