Research & Development

Our biodiesel manufacturing technology was developed in-house by our research and development department.Our research and development team has developed a proprietary technology which allows us to mass-produce biodiesel by utilizing cost effective raw materials, such as vegetable oil offal and used cooking oil, which are in abundant supply in China. By securing raw materials at low cost and utilizing our proprietary technology for mass production, we offer a viable alternative source of energy.

Our proprietary biodiesel production process is protected by an invention patent (patent no. ZL021335915) granted by the SIPO of the PRC effective on August 7, 2002.We also have filed six other patent applications in China, involving technologies for producing new fuel additives, phytosrterol and Vitamin E mixtures,and erucic acid and fatty acid.

We plan to continue our research and development efforts to strengthen our leading position in the Chinese biodiesel market and to expand into new markets for our other products.